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The Mailers Scorecard: A Business Tool, Not A Punishment!
Tuesday, July 21, 2020, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EDT
Category: Webinars

The Mailers Hub experts lately have been fielding lots of questions about the USPS Mailers Scorecard.  Most have been about By / For, Undocumented mail, and ACS, so it’s clear there’s confusion and misunderstanding about what those parts of the scorecard represent.  Do you understand and use the different views to determine why and from where the reported issues are coming?  Do you know the best practices for getting daily information and tracking trends?  Reviewing the scorecard data on a daily basis not only helps catch problems early and avoid penalties, it also can create opportunities for the mailer to offer value added services, including address hygiene.  The webinar discussions will examine all of these topics, as well as how to drill deeper into the scorecard data, find patterns, apply the best business practices, and defend yourself with the USPS.

Does your scorecard reflect how well you are steering your operations? Industry expert, Tom Glassman of Ricoh Managed Solutions will conduct this essential webinar.  Learn how to not only keep your Scorecard in good standing, but to learn from its insights, track trends, find opportunities, fix issues and defend yourself against the USPS.

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