Introducing the...

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What Is This?

The Mailers Hub Job Board lets potential employers and employees find each other easily on a site dedicated to the commercial mailing community.  This isn’t like other job boards where your post is broadcast to people or companies you’re not trying to reach -- this one shows it only to those in your business

Who Can Use It?

This service is available to the industry, including both current and future Mailers Hub subscribers. Job seekers can search for opportunities, as well as upload and update their resumes. Employers will be able to post available positions, as well as peruse the resumes of future employees. 

How Much Is It?

The service charges modest fees for postings of 30, 60, or 90 days, with the option to garner extra visibility as a “featured” post. 

I'm In! What Are My Next Steps?

Follow this link to Subscribers use their Mailers Hub user ID and password. Non-subscribers will need to create an account to use certain functions on the Job Board, such as storing and updating a resume.


Employers who are members can view all resumes so long as they have an active job posting.  As soon as a job post expires, they will no longer be able to view resumes. Employers can access the Resume Bank under Employers > Resumes.

Employers can post in a few easy steps:

Log In

If you are not a member or admin, click continue as a guest. If you are a member, Admin, or returning employer enter your userID and click next.

Post Job Details

In the Job Post Details area, fill in the details for your job posting.  As you begin to enter your Employer information and address, the job board will help by auto-filling that information to make the job posting process easier. Note: the auto-fill pulls from Google. If you would like to overwrite the auto-filled info with your own address, just continue to type in the address you would like for your job posting.

Once you've filled in the details of your job posting, click Preview on the right to see a preview of how your job will display once it is posted. 

Choose the Duration

In the Post Duration area, select the period of time your post should display on the job board. Featured Listings will be prioritized at the top of the job board highlighted in yellow. NOTE: The job will be dropped from the board automatically after that 30, 60, or 90 days have passed.


To complete your job posting, fill out your payment, and credit card information.   Once your payment is submitted, you'll receive a confirmation email and your job posting will go live on the job board immediately.


Job Seekers can upload their Resume under Job Seekers > Add or Edit a Resume. Users will need a login to upload their resume. Subscribers will use their usual Mailers Hub information, and non-subscribers will be asked to create a profile

Once the Job Seeker is logged in they will be able to complete their Resume Profile, upload their resume, preview their resume, and save and publish their profile. Once published, Employers with an active listing can view their Resume Profile.

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