The Data You Need to Deliver the Best

As the saying goes, timing is everything. How important is timing to your business? Or the success of your clients? When it comes to commercial mail, being able to accurately predict and plan for delivery dates is crucial, allowing you to optimize your strategies and tactics for success. It could be the difference between a marketing campaign that falls flat, and one that is in the right place at the right time, getting the best results. 

Stop guessing. Start Scheduling!

Mailing Scheduler is the tool that will give you the edge in timing mail delivery. By analyzing vast amounts of data, Mailing Scheduler will provide

  • the in-home delivery date of the mail, if given the NDC/SCF and entry date, or
  • the necessary entry date for mail at the NDC/SCF, if given the desired in-home date. 

What can this do for you and your customers?

  • Fine-tune overall mail production and mailing with more precise target dates. 
  • More accurately schedule mail drop dates for smoother operations and logistics.
  • More accurately forecast in-home dates for mailpieces - billing, marketing campaigns, catalogs, and more - to encourage better responses
  • Create and improve related marketing tactics and strategies timed around mailpieces and their in-home dates - such as follow-up phone calls and emails.
  • Increased confidence in mailing campaigns and projects. 
  • Better planning around internal conflicts and external factors that could otherwise delay delivery.

Arm yourself with the data you need to deliver your best!


  1. Follow the appropriate link below to create your Mailing Scheduler account.
    1. The "Subscriber" link will require the user to log in before accessing the page. Subscribers must create their Mailing Scheduler account from this page to receive subscriber pricing. 
    2. The credentials you create to log into Mailing Scheduler are separate from credentials you may have for Mailers Hub. All users will need to create a Mailing Scheduler account the first time they use it, even if they have an account/sign in for
2. Once logged in, purchase credits. Click on the purple cart button to do this. The fee for reports is one credit per facility selected. 
Mailing Scheduler Credit Fees
Queries/Year Mailers Hub Subscriber Non-Subscriber
 50 $99 $169
100 $179 $299
500 $799 $1,359
1000 $1,399 $2,379
2500 $2,999 $4,999


3. Select either the drop date or desired in-home date for a mailing.  (Choosing drop date will yield a report of predicted in-home dates; choosing in-home date will yield a report of the necessary drop dates for the mailing.)

4. From the menu, select the NDCs (if any) at which the mailing will be entered.  Each selected facility costs one credit.

5. From the menu, select the subordinate SCFs (if any) at which the mailing will be entered.  Each selected facility costs one credit.

6. Click on “GO” to generate a report.



The Fine Print

  • The report for a selected facility is based on historical data over a five-year period, and cannot account for current extraordinary circumstances, such as weather or other operational interruptions, that may impact mail processing.
  • Mailing Scheduler is a patented product exclusively licensed to Mailers Hub.
  • Reports generated by Mailing Scheduler are for the sole and exclusive use of the authorized subscriber, and may not be reproduced, retained, or exported.

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