Welcome to the Mailers Hub Equipment Exchange!

What is the Equipment Exchange?

The Mailers Hub Equipment Exchange is an online forum, offered free of charge and available to both subscribers and non-subscribers, designed to help facilitate the sale, barter, or trade of equipment and supplies among members of the commercial mail community.  

Who can use it?

To give this service the opportunity to be as robust as possible in what it provides the industry, the Exchange is available to both Mailers Hub subscribers and non-subscribers. So spread the word!

  • Subscribers can access the Equipment Exchange just as they would the subscriber-only forum, by logging into the Mailers Hub site and going to the Mailers Hub Forum.
  • Non-subscribers will first need to create a log-in by going HERE, entering their email and creating a password. Once this is done, their account is active and they can access public services such as the Equipment Exchange and the Job Board.

I'm not a subscriber; how do I post?

Just a few simple steps to create a profile, and you'll be able to post!

  • create a log-in by going HERE, enter your email, and create a password when prompted. (Note: On the next page of that form, you do not need to purchase a subscription to access the Exchange. Simply follow the directions for non-subscribers using the Job Board or Equipment Exchange to verify your username.)
  • Once this is done, you can click on "Mailers Hub Forum" in the blue menu bar, which will bring you to the forum homepage
  • Click on "Equipment Exchange"
  • From there, you can start your new posting, reply to others, or peruse new listings!
  • If you forget your username or password, simply go to Mailers Hub, click "log in" without entering information, and you will be given options to retrieve your username or reset your password. (You can always email us HERE as well, we'll be happy to help.)

What can I post?

  • Equipment for sale, or equipment that you are in need of. Sorters, inserters, you name it.
  • Supplies for sale, or supplies that you are in need of.
  • You may also specify if you prefer to be contacted "off the board". (Please include contact information if you do.) 
  • However, the Exchange is NOT for commercial sales or advertising. This service is to help support and facilitate private sales, exchanges and barters among the mailing community. Mailers Hub reserves the right to moderate or remove posts that are deemed inappropriate, or remove users that abuse forum privileges. 

I have more questions!

Contact us at any time with your questions or concerns by emailing us HERE.